Fury Vs Wilder: Wilder complains about Tyson Fury’s gloves


Deontay Wilder, Pro American boxer, has expressed dissatisfaction with the gloves that British boxer Tyson Fury will be wearing in their trilogy fight on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Wilder’s team raised concerns about the horsehair used as padding inside Fury’s factory-made Paffen Sport gloves during a routine glove inspection with Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) officials on Friday.

For the fight, both Wilder and Fury have four pairs of the same gloves to choose from.

NSAC officials, on the other hand, cut open one glove from each set to prove that legitimate padding was used.

However, Wilder objects to the use of horsehair, claiming that Fury can separate it by pressing and squeezing his gloves together, reducing the amount of padding.

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Wilder told 78SportsTV, “We had a little situation with the gloves.”
“I’ve already heard there’s some amusing goings-on in the back of the gloves.”

“As soon as I walked into the room, I inquired about the gloves and began telling them about certain events from the first event, such as how his gloves were bending and folding, and even showing them clips of it.”

“They [NASC officials] claimed to have boxed for 25, 30 years.” Everyone believes they are an expert because they have been around it.

“However, if you haven’t put on a glove and hit someone in the face to understand what kind of damage a glove can cause or how mechanically a glove can work, you’ve wasted 25, 30 years.”

“You can look inside a glove all day and still have no idea what’s going on.”

“What happened was that Fury’s chosen glove, which was the same as the last time, had minimal padding. The rest was horsehair, which we thought was illegal and out of the question, but they said it was fine, so we agreed.

‘They opened up my glove, and the padding on my glove is at least two to three inches thick.’ His gloves appear to have been worn, folded, and bent, as if they were thrown in the trash and then brought back out to say, “We’re going to reuse these.”

Meanwhile, NASC officials insist that Fury’s gloves are acceptable and comply with the organization’s rules for the trilogy fight.

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