“I will pull down Anthony Joshua” – Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua & Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, has fired back at Nigerian-born fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua, describing him as an ex-drug dealer from a tough council estate.

Joshua, the reigning WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight world champion, declared in a recent interview with Manchester United star Gary Neville, “I’ll smoke that guy.” I intend to do so. It irritates me,” he says of Fury.

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When Fury appeared on Neville’s show, The Overlap, and was given footage of AJ’s earlier interview, the British boxer didn’t hold back.

Fury stated, “AJ couldn’t even smoke a cigarette, let alone the ‘Gypsy King.'” He lacks the minerals to compete with a man like me.

“I’m going to crush that bodybuilder.”

In terms of mutual respect, Joshua was cautious when Nevile questioned if he had “respect” for Fury, stating that he did not regard his opponents in this manner.

When asked the same question, Fury responded, “I appreciate any boxer that steps into the ring.”

“I appreciate him not only for his boxing abilities, but also because he came from a pretty rough council estate, was a drug dealer and all that sort of stuff in his early life, and he’s turned it all around.

“He changed his entire star to become a champion, earn tons of money, become an ambassador for the game, and alter the lives of his entire family.

“I’ve done everything he hasn’t done but would like to.

“He’s been screened, media trained, he has a 20-man crew about him, he needs to show up mob-handed somewhere.

“Yet he is only the ninth most popular sportsman in the country, trailing Andy Murray.

“Me – big old fat guy from Morecambe, bald, hairy, and ugly – receives all the people’s adoration.

“I come here on my own; there are no security guards around me; I don’t need to be separated from my admirers who have helped me become the celebrity that I am.

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“I don’t have to change. He’s had to adapt his image for him, so I’d almost call it a persona, a fake.

“He plays this, ‘I’m so modest, I’m such a wonderful person,’ and all that, but I genuinely feel that is an illusion, a smoke and mirrors job skillfully done by his people.

“When he’s allowed to do his own thing, he sometimes breaks out of his shell and displays the real self, and he gets in trouble with big brother for it.

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