Hacker breaches Amazon’s Twitch video site, exposing future product plans

Twitch, Amazon’s video streaming site, was hacked on Wednesday, exposing payment information for content creators as well as information on an upcoming Amazon Game Studios product.

In a post to the anonymous message board platform 4chan, the hacker claimed they released the information to “encourage greater disruption and competition” in the realm of online video streaming and labeled the Twitch community a “disgusting toxic cesspool.”

Despite Twitch confirming the hack in a tweet, the company did not detail the intrusion’s scope or the stolen data.

We can confirm a breach has taken place,” the company said in the tweet. “Our teams are working with urgency to understand the extent of this. We will update the community as soon as additional information is available. Thank you for bearing with us.”

The hacker took more than 125 gigabytes of data in the breach, according to the 4chan post. The data also reportedly include Twitch’s source code and mention of Amazon Game Studio’s plans to launch an online store for computer games, rivaling industry leader Steam.

A representative for Amazon Game Studios did not reply to a request for comment.

Amazon bought Twitch for almost $1 billion in 2014. The site is primarily focused on videos and live streams for video game enthusiasts.

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