Guide On How To Make Money With A WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp Messenger, or WhatsApp, is an American freeware, centralized cross-platform instant messaging program, and Facebook Inc.’s voice-on-IP service. Users can send text messages, phone, video calls and share photographs, documents, user location, and other content.

WhatsApp has over a billion and a half users and is currently the world’s most popular messaging service. In several nations, Brazil, India, Pakistan, and many European areas, including the UK and France, this is the major mode of communication.

Recently, many people are creating WhatsApp TV to advertise their brands, advertise for people, and share interesting content.

WhatsApp TV

Do you know that you can be making a lot of money from a WhatsApp TV? Read on while we put you through how to make a living from the most used social media platform.

Requirements to make money from WhatsApp TV

  • A smartphone (with enough memory)
  • Good network connection

How to Create a WhatsApp TV and earn money

1. Discover your Niche

This may be the very first step to take towards starting your WhatsApp TV channels. You can engage your viewers through sports, jokes, religious talks, educating posts, entertainment posts, and news. With time your viewers will find interest in viewing your post as they know you will always update exciting content for them.

A good tip to finding your niche is this, Think about what you love to discuss about? You don’t want to get bored talking about what you don’t have an interest in. Find a topic that you can spend hours reading up on and doing researches on, and you’ve definitely found your niche.

2. Setting up your Whatsapp TV

It’s more preferable if you use Whatsapp business and another number for the WhatsApp TV, you can keep your private number safe and free from all the clusters you’d start to experience from all the messages and status updates of your contacts when they start to rely on you for posts in your niche.

You will soon have plenty of contacts. Make sure you save your new contacts in a folder or group other than your primary contact folder, as you don’t want the new contacts to interfere with your already saved contacts( your personal contacts). It is preferably you make use of google contacts.

3. Define your WhatsApp TV brand

Think of an exciting name that illustrates the purpose of Whatsapp TV perfectly. A very memorable name that is not too long and isn’t violating or infringing on anyone’s copyrights.

You can also build a logo to mark the channel’s identity. People are visual beings. If your images or videos are as visually attractive as possible, then more people would respond. It would help if you also decided what colors for your brand identification you desire. These colors should be used to construct the logos. A logo is also crucial as it is used as a profile image. You want your Whatsapp TV to be easily identified. Possibly at a glance.

A brand is beyond just a name and a logo. Your promise to your customers is most important. So, get a short description of the Whatsapp TV, write down your vision and goals for the Whatsapp TV with the center of attention being your viewers.

4. Create public Awareness for your WhatsApp TV

You have decided the niche you’ll use, now defined your brand, set up your account. Here’s the never-ending part, getting people to save your contact so that they can see your status updates.

You have to create awareness so that more people can view your status, which people would be appealing to pay for a place for an ad.

Create a Broadcast message, include your phone number in the format,
(and encourage them to click the link, request them to send you their name so you can save their number. Also, please encourage them to save your number as your Whatsapp TV name.

You could also personalize the link so that your users don’t forget what to do when they click your link. e.g.,,+I+want+to+be+a+part+of+the+Family

The customized link sends: Hello, I want to be a part of the Family

Notice that the link contains mainly your Whatsapp TV phone number beginning with 234 and the text – “Hello, I want….” The text is normal, as it’s not a big deal to create. Just that you want to substitute any space with the ’+’ sign.

You could customize the link to display anything you want your viewers to see. Play around with your link but be careful to make sure you check if it works after each editing. Be sure the link is working fine before you share. This also helps if you want to use your personal WhatsApp to start your channel. It helps filter messages from viewers from personal messages.

5. Post Regularly

Have the habit of regularly updating viewers as that is what they most likely want from you. Make sure to always place a text of your Whatsapp TV’s name and number on your images or videos before posting them. WhatsApp has a feature you can use to insert the text right before you start to upload.

6. Engage and Relate with your viewers

You shouldn’t just get and publish content all the time. Engage and relate with your viewers. Give out gifts sometimes, maybe airtime or tickets. Try to come up with activities that your viewers can participate in. Some Whatsapp TVs organize matchmaking Weekends.

7. Monetize your views

Here comes the essential part of this article, making money from your “WhatsApp TV.” There are 3 ways to monetize your WhatsApp TV.

1. Advertise – You could place adverts for other people’s products. Put out a word on your status that room is open for adverts but don’t start this early as people would request the number of people who view your statuses, and you want to come up with a good figure. You should at least come up with at least 500-1000 views per post and then share a screenshot with your viewers, making them aware of the popularity.

2. Sell people’s products – If you want to share some of your favorite products with your viewers, you could use affiliate marketing. Reach out to companies and express your interest in sharing some of their products for a commission. You could also participate in affiliate marketing by contacting the company directly or by emailing them.

3. Sell your own products – In conclusion, you certainly want to make money on Whatsapp TV.
20% business, 80% of your viewers.
Enable auto-responder and set keywords the app responds to automatically.
Then, announce to your viewers interested in placing an ad on your TV to send “ads” to see the price list for your ads.
That’s simply how to create a Whatsapp TV and earn money using WhatsApp status in Nigeria.

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