The apple iOS 15 updates:Everything you need to know

Apple announced iOS 15 in June 2021, which will be launched in the fall. Revamped FaceTime capabilities, distraction-reducer tools, a new notification experience, privacy enhancements and more are all part of iOS 15.

Apple’s iOS 15 is expected to be released together with the iPhone 13 and will include all of these changes.

Features of iOS 15


Spatial audio

Creates a sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face. Your friends’ voices are spread out to sound like they’re coming from the direction in which they’re positioned on the call.

Portraits mode

Inspired by your portraits of the Camera App, the FaceTime Portrait Mode blurs and focuses on your background.

Voice isolation mode

This microphone mode illuminates your voice by machine learning to identify and block ambient noises. So your call will not be interrupted by a blade blower outside or a dog in the next room.

Wide spectrum mode

Each sound is brought in by this microphone mode. It is ideal for music lessons or if you want a friend to hear all that takes place in the room in which you are.

Grid view

Allows you to see people calling in the same-size tiles in your Group and highlights the speaker, so it is easy to understand who is talking. Up to six sides will be visible at once in the grid.

Facetime links

Give your friends a web link that you can share anywhere in FaceTime call.

Calendar integration

Generate a FaceTime web link during the Calendar event creation so everybody knows exactly where and when to meet.

Join Facetime on the web

Call anybody who does not have an Apple device to join you in a FaceTime call, even friends.

Mute alerts

You can join yourself instantly from your browser to single-on-one and Group FaceTime calls — no login required.


Allows you to know when you speak while you’re silent. Tap the alert so that the voice is heard quickly.

Watch together

Bring films and TV shows into your FaceTime calls while viewing the same material and enjoying a rich real-time connection to your friends.

Listen together

Share your FaceTime calls music with your friends.

Share your screen

Share your screen with FaceTime to add web pages, apps, and more.

Sync playback

Pause, renew, quick-forward, or jump to another scene – all playback is in perfect harmony.

Smart volume

adjust audio automatically so that even during the loud or climate chorus you can hear your friends.

Volume controls with dynamic responses

When everyone listens together, they can add songs to the queue.

Multiple device support for SharePlay

Connect to your iPhone via FaceTime while viewing video on your Apple TV or listening to HomePod music.

SharePlay: Audio, video, and text connection

Access the Messages thread for your group right from the FaceTime controls and select the corresponding mode of communication.


Shared with you
In the corresponding application, content sent to you via messages appears automatically in a new Shared Section with you, so you can enjoy it as you like. Photos, safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and the Apple TV application will be shared with you.

Shared with you: pins

You can quickly pin the content that is particularly interesting to you into Messages and it is increased in the Shared with you search for messages and a conversation detail view.


In addition to shared content in the applications, you can see who sent it and tap the sender to view the associated message and keep talking — from the app — without going to messages.

Pictures shared with you

In your Photos app photos automatically display photos sent to you over Messages. The photos you care about most — like those you were for — are included in your library. In a new section Shared with you, your Memories, and your featured photos the wider range of shared photos will appear.

Shared with you music

The new Shared with you section Listen Now in Apple Music automatically displays music over Messages


In the New Shared with You section of Listen Now in Apple Podcasts, Podcast displays and episodes sent over Messages will automatically appear.

Photo collection

In your Messages conversations, enjoy many pictures as beautiful collections. A handful of images appear as an eye-catcher and a larger set as an elegant stack. Tap them as a grid and add a tapback or inline answer easily.


In your Messages conversations, enjoy many pictures as beautiful collections. A handful of images appear as an eye-catcher and a larger set as an elegant stack. Tap them as a grid and add a tapback or inline answer easily.


New notification style

Notification have a fresh new appearance, with people contact photos and bigger app icons.

Notification summary

Receive your everyday, morning and evening notifications or planned notifications at your choice. Your summary is customized and helps you quickly catch up on what you missed.


New experience details

Find out about Earth’s natural beauty with a world of rich and interactive 3D, with important enhanced mountain, desert, ocean, forest, and more detailed information.

New driving features

You can see traffic, incidents and other detail on your drive at a glance through an all-new driving map. See unbelievable road information such as roads for turning, bicycles, busses or taxi paths, media, crosswalks, etc. Maps switch to a 3D road-level perspective when approaching a complex interchange to help you find the way.

Nearby transit

Now frequent transit drivers can access all departures nearby by one-tap. They can even pin their favorite lines, so that if they’re nearby they always appear at the top.


Streamlined tab bar

The streamlined tab bar takes up less space on the page and floats slightly above the base of the screen. When you scroll, the bar seamlessly moves out and appears with a tap again.

Integrated field of intelligent search

To search in the Smart Search field, tap the tab bar.

Grouping of Tab

Save your tabs and organize them in the best way for you to work. Switch in the tab overview from tab groups. Tab groups synchronize across devices so that you have access from anywhere to your tabs.

Switch through tabs

Switch to the left or the right on the tab bar between open tabs. Turn right to open a new tab. Turn right

Refresh by pull

Restore a website from the top of the page by dragging it down.

IOS web extension

Customize Safari with web extensions on iOS. You can add features and functionality to Safari by web extensions. The App Store allows you to install extensions.


Wallet ID

On your iPhone and Apple Watch in combination, you can add the driver license and state ID for wallet and safely present them on TSA control points.

Passes archived

You can automatically move your expired boarding pass and event tickets to a separate list so you can easily access your corresponding cards and passes without dealing with old passes.

Download multiple passes

You can now add several passes to Wallet using Safari in one action rather than adding one pass manually.

Live text

Live text in photo

In all your photos, text is now fully interactive, so that you can copy and paste, look and translate. Live text works in photographs, screenshots, Quick Look and Safari and live camera previews.

Look Up Visual

Swipe or tap a picture information button to highlight objects and scenes recognized. Learn more about worldwide popular art, plants and flowers, books and livestock breeds.


Apple Music Memories

Apple Music subscribers can add one of the hundreds of newly included songs to the tens of million Apple Music Library songs.

Song Suggestion Memories

The suggestions from Apple Music are customized just for you and combine expert advice with taste for music and the photos and videos. Song suggestions can even advise songs that were popular when and where the memory stood, songs that you heard during the trip, or a song from the artist you saw to recollect a concert.


Share your health information with others

Share your health information with important individuals or caregivers. Select which data and trends to share, including cardiac health, activity, laboratories, vitality, medical identification, cycle monitoring and more.

Share notification with people

You can view health alerts, including high heart rate and irregular rhythm notifications, for people who share health information. You can also share notices of important changes, including a sharp decline in activity, identified in shared data categories.


Mail protection privacy

Protecting your privacy by mail helps protect your privacy by preventing email recipients from learning about your email activity. If you want to enable it, it hides your IP address so that senders cannot associate it with your other online activity or locate it. And senders can not see if their email has opened.


Processing of voice on the device

You now process the audio on your iPhone in its entirety, unless you decide to share that audio. The strength of the Apple Neural Engine enables high-quality voice recognition models with servers.

Customization of the device

Recognition and understanding of Siri speech improve when using your device. Siri learns the most contacts you have, new words and the subjects you are reading about – all on your device privately.

Apple ID

Contacts for Account Recovery

To reset your password and regain access to your account, select one or more people you trust to become an account recovery contact.

Program for Digital Legacy

You can designate persons as legacy contacts by the Digital Legacy program to access your account and your personal data when you die.


Private Relay for iCloud

iCloud Private Relay is a service that allows you to connect to practically any network and browse Safari safely and privately more easily. It ensures that traffic is encrypted from your device so that nobody can intercept and read it. You then send all your requests via two individual internet transmissions. It’s so nobody, including Apple, can create a detailed profile with your IP, location and browsing activity.

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