A weekend getaway at The Sheraton Hotel, Lagos.

The Sheraton Hotel, Lagos

There’s this saying that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Yea that explains the importance of taking a break from work. You can either make it a weekend getaway or a vacation that’s more than one weekend, and anyone is perfect. However, if you’re thinking about going for a weekend trip around Nigeria, permit me to let you in on this little secret.

The Sheraton Hotel is the best place you can soak up the weekend vibes and let go of work-stress. More importantly, if you’re going with your spouse, trust when I say you’ll get double treatment.

The Sheraton Hotel is located at two branches in Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja). This article is all about the Sheraton Hotel(Lagos), located at Ikeja, very close to the airport.

The Hotel is a property of Marriott International, and it’s widely known around the country.
The Sheraton Hotel has a lot to offer, ranging from affordable room prices to several amenities around the Hotel that you’ll be liable to. Some of the amenities include the fitness, picnic area, swimming pool, etc. The Hotel has features that make it one of the amazing Hotels you can go to to eliminate stress and enjoy undiluted services.

The features of the Hotel include;
The bedrooms in Sheraton Hotel have a flat and wide TV screen where you can access channels depending on your room package. There are beds with the Sheraton signature and marble bathrooms that’ll allow you to wash away the tension and stress you might harbour.
The Sheraton Hotel has a free and high-speed internet connection. Suppose there’s one thing you might want to do while in the Hotel, it’s to take awe-inspiring pictures that’ll serve as memories. Luckily, the hotel has several buildings with amazing structures that’ll be perfect for awesome pictures. Hence, the free internet will help when you wish to update your social media handles, or you wish to live streaming music/videos, etc. I’m sure the free internet will come quite in handy during your stay in the Hotel.
The restaurant at Sheraton Hotel will serve you your best meal, and you might have to come back for more, that’s how good it is. Your breakfast can be a buffet, continental breakfast, or full American breakfast. The fee for the breakfasts starts from 25.00 USD, so you can see it’s affordable. The Hotel also has a 24/7 room service that you call through if you want room service.
You can also decide to dine at the picnic area, and there’s also a convenience store you can use at your convenience.
The Sheraton Hotel has an Italian Restaurant that can serve you if you crave Italian-made pizza, spaghetti, etc. As you can see, the restaurant is International; hence, you should know that the Hotel is aimed at giving the best either you’re an indigene of Nigerian or from abroad.
Outdoor Pool
Here’s one of the pieces of fitness equipment the Hotel has. The pool will serve you well enough if you decide to visit the Hotel during summer. You know, when the sun is scorching, you get this irresistible urge to dive into the water and swim. That’s for the summer. You can also do this during the winter/rainy season, depending on how strong your immune system is.
Golf & Tennis
Golf and tennis are amazing sports- so, you can decide to learn them if you don’t know how to play or practice and make new friends at the pitch.
British-style Pub
The Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, has a pub that’s styled in the British way. It’s an English pub that’ll serve you any cocktail or drinks you’re interested in taking. With this setting in the Hotel, English people tend to feel at home, thinking that someone in this strange country thought about them.
Car rental
As said before, the hotel is quite close to the airport. The airport (Muritala Muhammed) goes towards the Southwest, passing through the airport to the roundabout. Proceed right along with Maryland and drive for about 3km towards Mobolaji Bank Anthony way. You’ll see the Sheraton Hotel on your left.
Hence, after getting to the hotel, one of your to-do lists will probably contain getting a car for the time being. Well, it interests you that the Hotel has a car rental service at the most affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry.
Tourist centers
The Sheraton Hotel is a five-star hotel with several tourist attractions around it. Some include the Fela shrine, Landmark Beach, Freedom Park, National Museum, and Ikeja City Mall. You’ll have numerous fun exploring these tourist centers and will undoubtedly love to go back there after your vacation.
ATM & Foreign Exchange Services.
The Hotel has a cash machine that’ll make it easy for you to withdraw money without stress. Also, if you’ve got foreign currency, the Hotel can help you exchange at the best price you could ever get.
Laundry services
Are you worried about your dirty clothes? You shouldn’t. The Sheraton Hotel has laundry; you can put a call through to get the work done, so be rest assured.
For real, the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, offers during your stay there. Hence, make it your next stop when you get that weekend end or long vacation.

Bottom line
Taking a break from work goes a long way in dealing with mental and work stress. It’s always healthy to subject yourself to pampering and making your health the top priority at some point. Thus, the Sheraton Hotel is the best place to unwind stress when you’ve got this break. At this hotel, you’ll get everything you might need to let go of stress and embrace enjoyment. The article above has all the details of The Sheraton Hotel, Lagos like their services, fitness, Dining services, etc., that you should know about; endeavour to read through and check them out.


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